Monday, June 14, 2010

Roaring Falls

This was the beginning of Mel’s vacation.  It was Saturday and although we had a cabin in the mountains it did not start until Monday.  We made a day of it on Saturday and drove up to the mountains since they are not far from home.  We drove along Hwy. 80 out of Marion which is a long winding road that crosses the Blue Ridge.  It is an interesting drive and we came across a hike that we had done a few years ago-Roaring Falls.  Just a short hike, but pretty and relaxing.  Below are pictures driving along 80 and also pictures of the falls.  

Riding along hwy 801 Riding along hwy 802 Riding along hwy 803
Riding along hwy 805 Riding along hwy 807 Roaring Falls hike01
Roaring Falls hike02 Roaring Falls hike03 Roaring Falls hike07
Roaring Falls hike11 Roaring Falls hike15 salamander02
still riding on hwy 802 Roaring Falls hike12 still riding on hwy 803

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